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Broken echo of the real world; face punch; or sensual caress.
From Boogie to Nobuyoshi Araki, through Daido Moriyama.
Bodies which expose themselves, territories which stretch out.
James Ellroy sets the stage, James Crumley drops off C.W. Sughrue, Iggy Pop sets the tone.
Faded colors, inadequate contrast, thrilling atmosphere.
Exhilarating journey in exquisite land.
A past which lives again, a present which flees, a future which shivers.
My finder is itchy – I push.

Ian Lid is a photographer from Lyon — in France — who won't disclose his intentions unless you put big money on the table. If this is your case, please abuse of the contact page — he won't hold it against you. Of course, if you offer him a saving collaboration, or any proper trade, Ian is willing to make an effort. However, there is no point in proposing a vegan meal or a fortune-telling session, Ian only eats red meat and shows a zaelous faith in scientism. Note that Ian is not sectarian. Some allege that he sometimes lets poets, novelists and prima ballerinas in. To conclude on a positive note, you should know that Ian would be delighed if you would like to purchase a print. Otherwise, Ian would appreciate some loving words, any well-chosen jibe, faltering compliment or bitter sarcasm. Anyway, the contact page is wide-open, take this opportunity now since everything has an end.

Numbered, limited edition prints available. Please contact me.
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